Ex-U-KISS member Eli shared how his father forced him to debut, and his ex-wife’s postpartum care

Eli, a former member of the group U-Kiss, expressed skepticism about his life as someone who cannot say no.

Eli appeared as a guest in the latest episode of “Attack on Sisters,” which airs at 9:20 p.m. on Dec 6th. Eli confessed, “I want to give up the name Eli and live a selfish life. I want to live a second life under my real name. I was always in a state of confusion. I think this is what happened because I couldn’t balance my life and lived depending on what others said and wanted.”

u-kiss eli

Park Mi Sun said, “There must have been times when you had to make choices you didn’t want to.” Eli, who had hesitated, only then began to reveal his true feelings. He used to study acting abroad in China as he dreamed of being an actor. However, he made his debut as an idol, not an actor, after his father, who wanted quick results, told him to be an idol in Korea.

u-kiss eli
u-kiss eli

Eli, who helped his then-wife during her pregnancy and childbirth following their marriage during his idol activities, continued his story, “We decided to have a C-section so that the childbirth would not overlap with my comeback date. But as that comeback was pushed forward, I had to do both broadcasting activities and my wife’s postpartum care at the same time.” Kim Ho Young expressed how sorry she was to hear about the situation Eli was in at the time.

Source: Sports Chosun

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