“Talkpawon” OH MY GIRL Mimi: “I paid for Tyler’s lecture for a year, but had only listened 3 times”

Mimi, a member of girl group OH MY GIRL, said there was a time Tyler was her teacher.

In JTBC’s “Talkpawonn 25:00,” which aired on Oct 3rd, Oh My Girl Mimi and actress Han Soo-yeon appeared as guests of the special episode about “Other Countries inside a Country” that can be felt in Japan and the United States.

Asked if she realizes her popularity these days, Mimi said, “I’m grateful every day because I’m doing a lot of things I’ve never experienced before. There are people who recognize me on the street sometimes,” she said.

Mimi then said, “When people outside ask me if I’m Mimi at first, I say ‘No’ because I’m shy’ then I add a ‘Yes,'” and Jeon Hyun-moo said, “The fact that she said ‘No’ is so Mimi,” making everyone laugh.

Mimi drew laughter by saying that Tyler is her teacher and confessed, “I paid for a year of teacher Tyler’s lecture because he appeared on SNS a lot with his talent in speaking, but I took only three lectures in a year.”

Source: daum

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