An actress made headlines for wearing a one-of-a-kind outfit to the Melon Music Awards 2021

Netizens cannot hide their surprise at actress Lee Cheong-ah’s dress.

On the 7th, a post titled “Lee Chung-ah mma Dress” was posted on the online community “Dog Drip.” The post showed the images of Lee Chung-ah, who attended the 2021 Melon Music Awards held on the 4th as a presenter.  Lee Chung-ah, who attended the awards ceremony, completed the goddess style with an alluring makeup and elegant hair style. She also wore a nude-tone dress with impressive shiny decoration.

Lee Chung-ah

But there was a twist. This is Lee Chung-ah wore ‘jeans’ layered under the dress. The design of the jeans she wore was unique even compared to regular jeans. In addition, Lee Cheong-ah showed off her one-of-a-kind charm by wearing sneakers instead of high heels. 

Lee Chung-ah
Lee Chung-ah
Lee Chung-ah
Lee Chung-ah

Netizens were extremely disappointed by Lee Chung Ah’s outfit that day:

  • Or did she have a problem with her outfit and had to use jeans as a temporary solution?
  • Luckily, at least she’s pretty
  • She can’t dress properly for such a formal event
  • The jeans make the outfit look crazy
Lee Chung-ah


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