Fans of BLACKPINK and BTS got into a fight after V accidentally followed Jennie on Instagram

The number of people BTS V’s followed increased from 7 to 8, and the new account he followed was BLACKPINK Jennie’s.

Recently, BTS’s V made netizens surprised by following BLACKPINK’s Jennie. Since when have they known each other and what made Jennie the only girl he followed on Instagram?

In fact, V just accidentally pressed follow, and then he unfollowed the female idol in an instant! Even so, more than 16 million followers of V managed to capture that moment. Right after that, the fandoms of BTS and BLACKPINK also got into a huge fight. As the groups are considered opponents, V‘s action of following Jennie made the two fandoms very confused. Many even suggest some ridiculous explanations that V is stalking Jennie, and that the 2 idols are dating.

BLACKPINK and BTS fanwars

After accidentally following Jennie and causing a fuss, V went on Weverse (a fan communication app) to explain himself. In addition, he also reacted intensely, saying, “Is there any way to cancel “Instagram recommendation”? This app is so scary”.

BLACKPINK and BTS fanwars

However, Jennie fans still expressed their frustration towards V. They pointed out that it was because of V that BLACKPINK unexpectedly got into trouble and Jennie has constantly received criticism. A lot of negative comments can be found under Jennie’s latest Instagram post, demanding Jennie to “leave V alone”.

BLACKPINK and BTS fanwars
BLACKPINK and BTS fanwars
BLACKPINK and BTS fanwars
BLACKPINK and BTS fanwars

Some comments from netizens:

  • It was just a small mistake. The ‘recommendation’ feature on Instagram is really useless sometimes
  • Why not anyone else but Jennie?
  • This is why I don’t want BTS to use Instagram. They might easily get into troubles like mistakenly pressing the like on a photo or following someone.
  • V didn’t intend to do that. I also got recommended accounts of celebrities like Jennie and IU
  • Jennie, Taeyeon, Suzy, IU. If you create a new Instagram account, these names will definitely appear on the recommendation section
BLACKPINK and BTS fanwars


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