Limited sneakers which G-Dragon gave only to 88 people, went on resale for 40 million won

The Peaceminusone X Nike Air Force 1 Low Para-Noise (F&F) sneakers, which G-Dragon gave only to family and friends, appears on the resale market.

On February 1st, a pair sized 270 of the limited Peaceminusone X Nike Air Force 1 Low Para-Noise F&F sneakers, was sold for 39,999,000 won on a sneaker trading site. 

The sneakers, which were named “F&F” (Family & Friends), are said to have been produced by G-Dragon in a limited quantity of 88 pairs with special numbering and handed out to his closest associates. For this reason, it is extremely rare to come across a pair on the resale market. 


However, in 2022, a used size 280 pair was sold for 33 million won on a luxury used trading app, and another pair was sold for 35 million won on a second-hand trading site. Since the product was shared only with really close acquaintances of G-Dragon, it was speculated that the identity of the seller can be found from add-in items like the dust bag, tag, and box, which supposedly have the acquaintances’ social media addresses written on them.

Nike Air Force 1

G-Dragon first revealed the Peaceminusone X Nike Air Force 1 Low Para-Noise F&F on his Instagram on November 3rd, 2019. The first resale listing of these limited shoes was posted 

around July 2022, so G-Dragon’s close acquaintance must have kept their pair for 3 to 4 years.

On the other hand, netizens were shocked to see the sneakers being resold, and left comments such as, “They are giving up a friendship for 40 million won”, “It’s amazing to think of selling the shoes. Honestly, wouldn’t the price continue to rise if the owner had kept it? Did they need urgent money?”, and “It’s a loss of 40 million won”.

G-dragon Nike Air Force 1

The Peace Minus One X Air Force 1 Para-Noise series, also known as “GD Force”, gains huge popularity not only in Korea but also among global stars. Recently, the shoes became a hot topic when it was known that Paris Saint-Germain FC Kylian Mbappé and Manchester City FC Erling Haaland also enjoy wearing Para-Noise. The sneakers Mbappé chose are the Air Force 1 Para-Noise, and the shoes Haaland chose are the Air Force 1 Para-Noise 2.0.

Source: wikitree

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