Kim Ah Young gives advice to office workers about situations where colleagues invite you to their weddings 

Actress and comedian Kim Ah Young gave insightful advice to office workers.

On February 20th, on Allure Korea’s YouTube channel, a video featuring actress and comedian Kim Ah Young was posted. 

In the video, Kim Ah Young responded to the concerns of K-workers with the concept of “SNL Korea” MZ Office.

Kim Ah-Young

Kim Ah Young started the Q&A with a witty introduction, saying, “Hello. This is Kim Ah Young, a new employee. I’ve been in the company for three months, and I’m doing this because I was told to…”

In response to the question, “Should I give a wedding invitation to an intern in their early 20s?” Kim Ah Young said, “I think they would feel burdened if you give it, but they would be sad if you don’t. Try giving it.  After giving, the choice to go or not is up to the person. The invitation has already left your hand. Don’t worry anymore.”

Conversely, when asked what it would be like to be an intern who received a wedding invitation, Kim Ah Young answered confidently, “I’ll go if the buffet is delicious.” 

Kim Ah-Young

Next, in response to the question, “How much money is appropriate for a congratulatory gift to a colleague at their wedding?” Kim Ah Young asked back, “Are you close? How friendly are you?” She suggested, “If you are moderately close, 50,000 won. If you are a little more interested (in the colleague), 100,000 won. If the buffet is delicious, 100,000 won.”

When asked how much congratulatory money she would give if Joo Hyun Young got married today, Kim Ah Young said, “80,000 won for senior Joo Hyun Young. There are times when we ran into each other at work and she took care of me. However, I think that 80,000 won is appropriate because we are not personally close.” 

Source: Nate

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