This female idol is YouTube’s new “powerhouse” with over 2.2 million subscribers after just one video

A top idol has attracted more than 2.21 million YouTube subscribers with just one video.

In celebration of her birthday on January 3rd, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo created her own YouTube channel called “Happiness Index 103%” and uploaded her first video titled “LONDON vlog”. 


The 13-minute video recorded an explosive number of views as soon as it was released. As of 3:00 pm KST on January 5th, it has earned 8.01 million views.

In the video, Jisoo looks so casual that it is hard to believe that she is a global top star. She freely roamed and toured around London in plain and simple clothes like an ordinary person. When she found a cute puppy on the street, she smiled broadly and took photos. 


In Jisoo’s video, Lisa also appears, making fans even more happy. After coming off the stage, they boast innocent visuals and friendly charm with no makeup on.

Along with the video, Jisoo showed her kindness by leaving a message that reads, “All proceeds from the channel will be delivered to places that need help. I hope everyone’s happiness index rises higher.”


Jisoo is a global star with 67.26 million followers on her personal Instagram. As a K-pop star with worldwide popularity, her YouTube channel and Instagram comment window are covered in English and other languages ​​around the world.


Source: Insight

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