The hidden secret behind Lee Do-hyun’s effervescent vitamin scene in “The Glory”: PPL or a necessary prop?

The vitamin is in fact both a PPL and a story prop. 

Netflix’s new Korean revenge series “The Glory” has been receiving enthusiastic responses from all over the world since the release of Part 1, with the setting of the “fizzing vitamin tablet” gaining particular attention. 

“The Glory” is a drama about a woman named Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo) who is on a journey to avenge her younger self who was the victim of school bullying.


The male lead Joo Yo-jung (Lee Do-hyun) is a plastic surgeon suffering from trauma due to the loss of his family and is only psychologically stable when he drops the effervescent vitamin into the water and listens to the sound of bubbles.

The scene appears several times and makes people believe it as a PPL (indirect advertisement) when the name of the manufacturing company of the product was also credited in the ending credit.

Discerning viewers commented on “Effervescent Vitamin PPL,” saying, “The PPL melts properly in the story,” and “I didn’t even know it was PPL because it was so natural.”

However, Netflix content is well known to have no PPL as it has abundant production support, meaning the cost for “The Glory” was enormous enough to require additional financial resources.


Regarding the scene, a Netflix official told SPOTV News, “The script written by Kim Eun-sook contained effervescent vitamins as part of the elements for character setting, and we received product support.” Therefore, the PPL was not a complete setup but a necessary product support for the content of the story. 

In the planning production order, it went from a character “who feels secure in the sound of effervescent vitamins’ first, and while preparing for production, the character had to be exposed to such vitamins frequently, so the series received production cooperation as a PPL.

“The Glory” is captivating viewers around the world with such a meticulous and thoroughly prepared plot. After finishing the first part, fans are more than eager to watch the second part of the compelling series, which is set to be released in March. 

Source: Nate

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