K-netizens react to SEVENTEEN Joshua coming to Weverse for the 1st time after dating rumors broke out 

SEVENTEEN Joshua coming online amid his dating rumors has garnered attention.

On August 17, SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan, who has been going on a hiatus from activities due to health issues, shared a long post on the fan community Weverse to greet the fans.

Under the post, not only fans but other SEVENTEEN members also left comments, showing affection for Seungkwan. 

Joshua, who has been involved in a dating rumor with a non-celebrity and the center of much attention lately, also came to Weverse for the first time in a while and commented under Seungkwan’s post. 

Original post : pann nate

In response, K-netizens on the online community Pann left comments: 

  • Joshua came to Weverse, but he seems a bit soulless. Doesn’t he appear quite tired? Maybe he was wondering if it’s okay to write (on Weverse)? Whether he leaves a comment or not, people will have something to say, so it seems like he leaned towards leaving one. Other members commented before 3 a.m., but Joshua’s comment came much later. It seems like he put a lot of thought into it. He also commented on Scoups’ post. 
  • It used to be cute seeing all the members leave comments. But this time, seeing “Joshua is here” in the notifications, I felt… oh, he’s here… sigh… It’s not about liking or disliking, it just became distressing… sigh…
  • Whether Joshua comes or not, it’s not good… 
  • I’m a fan of another group, but it’s kind of heart-wrenching… I saw this on reels; Seungkwan was lost in thought, standing behind the members, waiting… I remember that scene.
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