SEVENTEEN Seungkwan left a long message amid hiatus due to health issues

Boo Seungkwan of SEVENTEEN, who has been taking a break due to health issues, recently updated fans on his current situation.

On August 16th, SEVENTEEN Seungkwan left a long message on the fan community platform Weverse. 


Below is the full text of Seungkwan’s message: 

“Hello CARATs (fans of SEVENTEEN), are you doing well? It has been a while

I had so much I wanted to say, but first of all, I really missed you all. I think CARATs might have been curious about how I’ve been doing. Right?

I’m resting well and recovering. It feels like I’m experiencing proper rest for the first time. 

Of course, there have been times when I went on brief breaks for a few days, but this is the first time in my life I’ve taken a break completely for myself, and spent time thinking about myself in order to recharge and move forward in life.

It was not easy to take a break at first. I was worried about being a burden to the members, who have to fill my spot.

To the CARATs who support me and wait for me, I’m really grateful. Again, I feel sorry, that’s just my personality. 

Nevertheless, I’m improving a lot thanks to your support. I feel like I’ll be able to meet you all soon. I was planning on leaving a small message and some photos to say that I’m doing well, but as I’m actually writing it has changed. 

I will stop here today and tell you a lot more later. I will come back to greet everyone cheerfully again! 

Thank you CARATs, good night!

PS: I am eating well, sleeping well, bloating well, and debloating well. Don’t worry”

Along with his heartfelt message, Seungkwan also shared photos he took himself during his break, including pictures of the sky and moments from hiking.


Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN Seungkwan’s agency, Pledis Entertainment, previously announced that the male idol had visited the hospital due to recent health issues and received medical advice to take sufficient rest and recuperate. As a result, Seungkwan went on a hiatus to focus on his health, and did not perform at SEVENTEEN’s concert, “FOLLOW to Seoul”, which was held on July 21st and 22nd. 

Even though Seungkwan didn’t perform, he showed up at the concert for a short while, and fellow SEVENTEEN members often mentioned his well-being, showcasing their strong friendship.

Source: Insight

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