Kim Tae-ri’s crying scene in the recent episode of “Twenty-five Twenty-one” received explosive responses from netizens

Netizens showed sympathy with actress Kim Tae-ri’s emotional acting.

The latest episode of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Twenty-five Twenty-one” aired on March 5th showed Na Hee-do (Kim Tae-ri) and Baek Yi-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk) overcoming the controversy related to the gold medal caused by Ko Yu-rim (Bona).

Na Hee-do and Ko Yu-rim faced each other in the women’s fencing final at the Asian Games. When it comes to the match point, the two attacked at the same time and both lights went on. In the end, the referee announced the point for Na Hee-do and she won the gold medal.

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However, Ko Yu-rim protested fiercely against the referee’s judgment and even shed tears on the podium, igniting a huge debate on the referee’s final decision. When reporters asked Na Hee-do questions about the misjudgment controversies, she eventually took off the gold medal and left the press conference.

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Na Hee-do then ran away to a gukbap restaurant because she didn’t want to meet her mom at home. At the restaurant, she saw an interview in which the referee of her match said, “Athletes might get confused because they are too excited in the middle of the game. Wouldn’t it make sense to say that what I saw was the most accurate because I was right in front of them?”. It was an exclusive report prepared by Baek Yi-jin to calm the public’s criticism towards Na Hee-do.

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In fact, it was really difficult for Baek Yi-jin to meet the referee and asked him to do that interview. Na Hee-do then bowed her head in sorrow. Later, an old man sitting at the table nearby said, “It must have been so hard for you to become a national representative”. Hearing the comforting words, Na Hee-do burst into tears uncontrollably.

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Netizens who saw Kim Tae-ri’s crying scene on Naver TV commented, “I cried when that grandfather comforted her”, “The scene of Na Hee-do and the old man made me cry a lot”, “I cried together with Hee-do”, “Why is Kim Tae-ri’s acting so good?”, “This was one of the best scenes”, “I still cried when watching it for the second time”.

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