NewJeans Minji reveals behind the scenes of her legendary “bubbles fancam”

The story behind the viral “bubbles fancam” of NewJeans member Minji has been revealed by the female idol herself.

On February 20th, a video titled “NewJeans Minji [Ask me anything] ?” was published on the official YouTube channel of fashion magazine Elle Korea. In the video, Minji appeared and took time to answer questions sent by fans.

Newjeans Minji

Previously, Minji captivated the fans’ hearts when she popped a soap bubble whilst dancing to NewJeans’ “Attention”. The fancam which contents the scene went viral with views exceeding 1.43 million.

Therefore, a question mentioned this viral moment and asked, “Is there a behind story of Minji’s legendary “Attention” bubble fancam?”

Newjeans Minji

Regarding this, Minji recalled her memories and revealed, “That was a freestyle part almost

towards the end of ‘Attention’. They scattered bubbles around three times, and they scattered more than before as it was the last part.”

“My sight was full of bubbles, so I couldn’t see at all”, Minji said, adding, “So I thought ‘I should secure my sight’, and I made eye contact with the bubble and popped it.”

Newjeans Minji
Newjeans Minji

Minji also mentioned her feelings at the time, saying, “I popped it in order to secure my sight. I didn’t think it’d turn out like this (viral), I thought it’d just pass by.”

On the other hand, Minji debuted as a member of NewJeans last year, and ever since, the group has enjoyed syndrome-like popularity with various newcomer awards and other prizes. NewJeans’ songs, such as “Attention”, “Hype Boy”, and “Ditto” constantly went viral, while their albums like “OMG” and “New Jeans” have exceeded 1 million copies in cumulative sales. It is therefore no exaggeration to say that NewJeans have established themselves as representative idols of the 4th generation and is continuing their popularity.

Source: wikitree

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