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“I’m very excited right now, Yeon Jin,” “Hong Kim Coin” cast had a fun time living the lives of world-class stars with a bit that drew attention 

The cast of “Hong Kim Coin” spent a day as world-class stars and experienced their crazy schedules. 

Hong Jin Kyung, Kim Sook, Jo Se Ho, Joo Woo Jae, and Wooyoung of “Hong Kim Coin” turned into world-class top stars and spent their first day in fighting spirit. Hong Jin Kyung reaffirmed her true value by winning as many as two gold medals for two segments, “Mind Control” and “Drama Shooting.”

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On February 23rd, KBS 2TV’s “Hong Kim Coin,” a variety show of world-class top stars, was released. In this episode, Hong Jin Kyung transformed into top model Hong, Kim Sook Eun as Sook-sama, Joo Woo Jae into Joo Tae Ji, Jo Se Ho into Jo Yong Yong, and Wooyoung into Korean Michael Jackson Wooyoung.

Hong Jin Kyung also made a surprise announcement, saying, “I received a casting offer from director Park Chan Wook for ‘Decision to Leave’.” Before going through the schedule, in order to select a manager who would take care of the top star for a day, the members prepared a coin toss with the heads designating “top star” and the tails designating “manager.” 

The members cheered when Kim Sook, who wanted the life of the top star and the first member to flip the coin, received the tail. Kim Sook became devastated as her position dropped in an instant.

Afterwards, the rest of the cast began going through the tight schedule of world-class top stars. The first thing to do was “Mind Control Training” to hone composure. Jo Se Ho was eliminated after 2 seconds while Hong Jin Kyung managed to endure the attack for two minutes, making a turnaround and winning first place.

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The second schedule was the perfect commercial shoot for the world’s top star. For this segment, photographer Baek Sung Hyun appeared for the top star’s commercial shooting.

Taking the theme of 4DX, the filming was filled realistic special effects props that made Jo Se Ho screamed, “What kind of top star’s life is this?” Wooyoung and Jo Se Ho started filming under the theme of romance while Joo Woo Jae and Hong Jin Kyung filmed under the theme of makjang (excessive art). Jo Se Ho won first place in the commercial shoot.

The third schedule was drama filming where the members set out to catch up with the masterpiece drama. Hong Jin Kyung, who had most experience with the activity, said, “I am Park Ji Eun’s persona. I form a trio with Park Ji Eun and Jun Ji Hyun. Even when director James Cameron asked to shoot ‘Titanic 3’, I refused,” creating laughter among the cast. Nonetheless, Hong Jin Kyung and Kim Sook put on a performance that would surprise everyone.

Even for a short time, Hong Jin Kyung showed off her concentration by memorizing all the lines and quickly boosting her immersion in her role, drawing admiration from the members and production staff. In response, Hong Jin Kyung showed her star quality, saying, “This line is easy.”

Moreover, a guest star of the show, Lee Su Ji, transformed into Moon Dong Eun from “The Glory,” wearing a trench coat and holding a kimbap in one hand, recreating the iconic image and line, “I’m very excited right now, Yeon Jin.” She also recreated other scenes with an added comedic twist with other cast members of the show. 

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