“This little girl will become a member of JYP’s girl group one day”… Who do you think she is?

NMIXX’s Ji-woo released a photo of when she was a little kid.

On April 12th, Ji-woo posted a photo on NMIXX’s official Instagram with the caption, “Tadaaa baby Ji-woo (appears) #NMIXX #NSWER #JIWOO #JIWOOSTAGRAM”.


The released photo shows the cute look of Ji-woo when she was a little girl. Her distinctive facial features draw the attention of fans as they look exactly the same as how they are now. In addition,  photos of Ji-woo, who grew up a little more, in school uniforms were released later.

nmixx jiwoo 13042022 2

Meanwhile, NMIXX debuted on February 22nd after releasing its debut single “AD MARE” with the title track “O.O”.

nmixx jiwoo 13042022 1
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