Big Bang’s “Still Life” enters the top of Billboard’s major charts… Unrivaled presence

Boy group Big Bang’s new song “Still Life” achieved remarkable results by entering the top of the U.S. Billboard’s major charts.

Big Bang‘s “Still Life” ranked third on the latest Billboard Global Excl. U.S. chart released on April 11th (local time).

In addition, it ranked ninth on the Billboard Global 200 chart, which includes the U.S., proving that Big Bang is gaining wide popularity in the mainstream pop market as well.

The two charts are based on streaming and music sales (downloads) collected from over 200 regions around the world.

BigbangStill Life

The U.S. Billboard explained that Big Bang‘s “Still Life” recorded 34 million streams and 29,700 sales (downloads) worldwide during the charting period (2022.04.02~2022.04.08).

Still Life” is a song that implicitly expresses Big Bang‘s thoughts and concerns about the past, present and future.

The beautiful melody, the lyrics with poetic metaphors as well as the sincerity-filled narratives in them make us all look back on our youth, gaining sympathy from music fans around the world.

Still Life

As soon as it was released, the song rocked the worldwide chart by topping the iTunes charts in 33 regions and taking the #1 place on the real-time charts of QQ Music and Line Music, the largest music sites in China and Japan.

In Korea, it has been at the top of all major music charts including Melon Top 100 24Hits, Flo, Genie, Bugs and Vibe for 8 days.

Considering that “Still Life” is Big Bang‘s first comeback song in about 4 years and that the group is loved only by their music without any special promotions, the above-mentioned achievements once again proved their powerful presence.

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