An actress with refreshing visuals and amazing talents that you can’t help but fall in love with 

With her pretty appearance and lovable personality, Kim Tae Ri is stealing everyone’s hearts! 

Kim Tae Ri recently made it into Naver’s real-time search rankings because of how adorable she looks in a childhood photo taken when she was 4 years old. Her pigtails in the picture also remind fans of Na Hee Do, her character in “Twenty Five, Twenty One”. Although she is in her 30s, Kim Tae Ri always exudes the same cute and goofy charm. 

Looking at her yearbook photos, it is no exaggeration to say that she has always had the aura of a celebrity. Her unpretentious, innocent appearance with clear eyes and lovely smile has not changed one bit after she grew up. 

Let’s dive into Kim Tae Ri‘s past which is filled with charms together! 

When Kim Tae Ri was born in April 1990, pear blossoms were in full bloom in her neighborhood, and she had a normal school life just like any other kid her age. She liked drawing, so she went to a specialized high school for design but it turned out that drawing didn’t fit her aptitude. Kim Tae Ri had a vague dream of becoming a news anchor so she applied to the prestigious Kyung Hee University and studied journalism and communications. However, she had second thoughts after taking classes.  

She only realized her dream after taking part in her university’s theater club. She joined it just to have fun but ended up finding her passion for acting. A famous story, with a photo proof that goes viral to this day, of Kim Tae Ri in college, is when she climbed onto the huge lion statue at her campus. Why did she do that? The actress said it was simply because she wanted to, and she could.

Before appearing on the screen as an actor, she worked as a lighting and sound staff at the Iru Theater Troupe. She learned to act backstage and eventually made her debut in the one-man play “Spoonface Steinberg”. She was determined to become an actress after hearing the applause and cheers of the audience when she was on stage.

With her excellent acting skills, she was cast as Sook-hee in the critically acclaimed movie “The Handmaiden” through a competition ratio of 1500:1. Since then, all of her works have hit big. Movies and dramas starring Kim Tae Ri as the lead, including “1987,” “Little Forest,” “Mr. Sunshine,” and “Twenty Five, Twenty One” all achieved great success. 

Most people would agree that Kim Tae Ri’s biggest charm is her bright and unpretentious eye smile. Most actresses like to cover their mouths while laughing, but Kim Tae Ri is not embarrassed to show her happy laugh in front of the camera, making everyone feel better just by looking at her. 

In an interview, she said that even if she had a job other than an actress, she is confident that she will find a way to live in that field. Let’s all look forward to the future projects of talented and charming actress Kim Tae Ri

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