A YG female idol has just made the debut but her identity surprised netizens

Many netizens think that this female idol looks like a T-ara member while the music is reminiscent of IZ*ONE

At 6 pm on April 12 (KST), rookie girl YuA released the debut MV titled “I Like That”, officially joining the entertainment industry as a singer. It is known that her real name is Han Yoo Ah, currently an exclusive artist under YG KPlus – one of YG’s subsidiaries.

YuA – I Like That MV (Short Ver.)
YuA (or Han Yoo Ah) is the exclusive singer under YG KPlus

The special thing is that YuA is a completely unreal character. The female idol is a product of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, but is oriented on personality, appearance, and acts like a “real” idol. YG said that in the future, YuA will enter many other fields such as radio, television, advertising,…

In the debut music product, YuA’s image is both young, dynamic, feminine and sweet. She also showed off her dancing skills that were not inferior to the backup dancers.

The female singer may be virtual but the MV is 100% real
YuA’s dancing ability is not inferior to real people

In addition, YuA’s visual wowed netizens as she was incredibly beautiful.

However, Kpop fans suddenly noticed many characteristics of other idols in YuA’s debut product. Some netizens commented that “I Like That“‘s melody and concept reminded them of IZ*ONE. Meanwhile, the female idol’s charming face and short hairstyle are reminiscent of T-ara’s Eunjung. Not sure if this is just speculation from netizens or does YuA really have a role model?

Despite receiving a lot of positive feedback, YuA’s debut product still made netizens confused because it sounded similar to IZ*ONE’s brand music style…
T-ara Eunji
and her face looks like Eunjung (T-ara)
  • I want to see the real owner of this voice.
  • She looks a bit like T-ara Eunjung
  • I think I can’t stan her. She is just too perfect…
  • Her song has the same vibe as IZ*ONE’s music
  • At a glance I thought she was real 
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