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The reason Hwang Bo Ra rushed to register her marriage before holding a wedding

Actress Hwang Bo Ra revealed why she registered her marriage before planning a wedding. 

Hwang Bo Ra appeared on tvN STORY’s entertainment program “The President’s People”, which aired on the afternoon of November 7th.

Following her father-in-law Kim Yong Gun, who is a fixed member of the show, Hwang Bo Ra joined as a guest and showed up looking nervous.

The Presidents People

Kim Yong Gun said, “It’s our first time meeting face to face on a broadcast like this”, adding “I’m very excited to meet you through a program”. He continued, “We didn’t have many chances to face each other this way. I’m happy that we can be on a show together”, expressing his feelings. 

Hwang Bo Ra responded, “This is my first time traveling with my father-in-law only, so other family members were very worried. I wondered what I should do to relieve the awkwardness. I was worried but also looked forward to it”.

The Presidents People

Before meeting other cast members of “The President’s People” Kim Soo Mi and Lee Gye In, Hwang Bo Ra nervously shared, “I don’t know if Teacher Kim Soo Mi could remember me. We filmed a drama together before, and I was a little scared of her at that time. That’s why I’m quite nervous right now and I even thought about what I should say. I think teacher Lee Gye In’s voice would also be a little scary”.

The Presidents People

Later, Kim Yong Gun introduced Hwang Bo Ra to Kim Soo Mi and Lee Gye In, saying “My daughter-in-law has been so nervous from the moment she came here. She said she couldn’t sleep well”.

Contrary to Hwang Bo Ra’s worries, Kim Soo Mi warmly welcomed her, saying “How many years has it been?”

Hwang Bo Ra responded, “I think it’s been about 10 years since I last met you”, adding “I was dating Young Hoon oppa back then, and I’ve been dating him until now”.

Kim Soo Mi exclaimed, “You didn’t change. How can you just look the same as before?”, Hwang Bo Ra said, “I’ve aged a lot. I turned 40 this year”.

The Presidents People

Hwang Bo Ra then drew attention as she confessed, “I’ve been living with my husband before we hold our wedding”.

She continued, “We registered our marriage in advance (about two months before the wedding)”, adding “To have a baby and to get a test tube procedure”, revealing the reason.

The actress said, “We’ve been together for 10 years, but maybe because I’m old, we couldn’t have a baby. So we went to the hospital and they said we had to register our marriage to do the test tube procedure. Since this procedure is only possible for legal couples, we registered our marriage last month”.

hwang bora

Hwang Bo Ra, who debuted in the SBS’s 10th open recruitment talent show in 2003, has been dating actor-producer Kim Young Hoon, the son of Kim Young Gun and younger brother of Ha Jung Woo (Kim Sung Hoon), for 10 years. They tied the knot at their wedding ceremony on November 6th.

Source: Wikitree

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