BTS’s V TOP 5 unexpected friendships

BTS is gaining worldwide popularity, earning the name of "World Class Idol”. Among the members, V (real name: Kim Tae-hyung) is famous for his wide circle of friends, and even earns the nickname “Kim just-one-touch-means-we-are-destined-to-be”.

Let’s meet 5 of his unexpected star friendships.

1. Actor Park Bo-Gum

park bo gum

V and Park Bo-gum’s destiny started in a music program where both are MCs.

Park Bo-gum is known to be interested in music as well as being a trainee before making his debut as an actor.

Therefore, there was speculation that they had become close friends due to their common interest in music.

V and Park Bo-gum show unique friendships by going to amusement parks and Jeju Island together, as well as shooting commercials together.

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2. Actor Ha Ji-won

ha ji won

Last September, a selfie photo posted on Ha Ji-won’s Instagram caught the eyes of many netizens.

In the picture that came up, Ha Ji-won together with V are staring at the camera together with a bright smile.

“I didn’t know the time was going by talking about photos and works with him,” Ha Ji-won said. “I love BTS’ DNA. It’s awesome” she also sent a message of cheering for BTS.

Ha Ji-won is said to be still keeping her friendship by visiting BTS’ concert last December.

3. Singer and actor Yook Sung-jae

Yook Sungjae

They share the same age as those born in 1995.

V mentioned his first meeting with Yook Sung-jae in an interview in the past.

At that time, V said he talked to Sung-jae in the Music Bank’s restroom. “Are you born in 1995?” He said, “Thanks to my confidence, I have made several friends.”

Since then, fans have often seen them in various music programs.

4. Singer Jang Moon-bok

Jang Moon-bok

Jang Moon-bok became famous in a music survival program called “Hip hop President” before making his debut with long straight hair trade marks.

Although it may seem an unexpected combination at first glance, Jang Moon-bok and V are alumni who spent their high school years together in Daegu in the past.

In a past interview, Jang said: “I had a class on the first floor and V was upstairs. There was a toilet in the middle, and the first meeting place with V was in the toilet. We spent a semester at the same school,and V passed the audition, went to Seoul, and debuted as a member of BTS.”

Recently, online communities posted pictures of V eating pork cutlet with a long straight-haired woman at restaurants.

However, the long straight-haired one turned out to be JangMoon-bok, making everybody burst out laughing.

5. Moon Jae-in, the president

moon jae in

V has a special relationship besides his close friends in the entertainment industry.

It is with President Moon Jae-in..

BTS, including V, met Mr. Moon at the “Korea-France Friendship Concert” in Paris, France last October.

Mr. Moon appeared on the stage after the performance of BTS, and greeted BTS with words of encouragement.

Source: Nate

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