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Song Ji-hyo “The producer of ‘Running Man’ cursed… I jumped Nevis Swing twice by mistake”

Actress Song Ji-hyo revealed behind-the-scenes stories of “Running Man”.

On Oct 28th, Ji Suk-jin posted a video on his YouTube channel.

song ji hyo running man

In the video, Ji Suk-jin introduced, “I’m on my way to pick Ji-hyo up. She is at the dermatologist right now. So I will pick her up at the clinic and I will be driving her home. That’s the concept for today.”

ji suk jin running man

He added, “We’ll have time to talk about things that we normally don’t at other places.”

Song Ji-hyo made everyone laugh by saying, “I was so shocked when you told me you were coming to pick me up. Remember that time? After eating at the pork bone soup place, when So-min asked you for a ride, you ignored her and left. So when you suddenly told me you were picking me up, I was like, ‘How should I take this?'”

ji hyo ji suk jin running man

Ji Suk-jin shared behind-the-scenes stories of filming “Running Man” while continuing his conversation with Song Ji-hyo.

Ji Suk-jin mentioned the 233m Macau Tower, which was the highest bungee jump at that time, “I was really surprised in Macau.”

ji suk jin running man

He explained, “Let me tell you the behind story about this. We all went up the Macau Tower and the PD called me during the shoot while we were taking a break. He said, ‘Can you do the bungee jump, just once?’ It was a shocking suggestion.”

song ji hyo ji suk jin running man

He caused laughter by revealing, “He said, ”If you jump, we’ll do some great editing.’ It was really high, so I told him, ‘Sorry I can’t do it.’ I thought it was an exclusive offer, but he asked this to everyone else.”

He told Song Ji-hyo, “None of the guys jumped. And you jumped in the end.”

song ji hyo ji suk jin running man

Song Ji-hyo recalled, “I was falling asleep with all the safety equipment on. I was waiting for 1 hour 30 minutes there, so I got really tired. They connected the bungee line and the line was really heavy. I couldn’t bear the weight for long. I got pulled by the weight. It was half and half.”

song ji hyo ji suk jin running man

When asked “How did it feel falling down?”, Song Ji-hyo replied, “I didn’t know it was that high before jumping. But it did take a long time to get down there. I was falling for quite some time. And meanwhile I always keep my eyes open, even for Nevis Swing.”

Ji Suk-jin then said, “So Nevis Swing was scarier? If you had to do one again right now, which one would you choose?” Song Ji-hyo chose Nevis Swing.

ji suk jin running man

Ji Suk-jin surprised everyone by revealing, “Everyone, Nevis Swing is so scary, this is impossible. And this also has a behind story. The scene that was aired with Ji-hyo and Jong-kook was the second jump.”

Song Ji-hyo explained, “Our producer there was Hwan-jin. Hwan-jin came to me with a red face and he began swearing in front of me. ‘Oh, I’m so angry, damn it.’ He kept saying that so I asked him ‘Why?'”

song ji hyo ji suk jin running man

She continued, “He said, ‘That xxx told me he didn’t turn the camera on!’ Hwan-jin was so angry. I told him, ‘Hwan-jin, I’ll jump again. Don’t be angry.'”

Ji Suk-jin said, “That’s what he was aiming for.” Song Ji-hyo laughingly responded, “Hwan-jin planned for that situation. And it was so funny to think about it later.”

Source: Daum

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