Kim Sae-ron Breaks Down Mentally Due to Photo with Kim Soo-hyun? Netizens Speechless 

Korean netizens were rendered speechless over claims that Kim Sae-ron breaks down mentally due to the photo with Kim Soo-hyun.

Recently, actress Kim Sae-ron, who suspended activities after her drunk-driving controversy, was announced to be returning to the entertainment industry with a role in the musical “Dongchimi”. However, on the same day, it was announced that Kim Sae-ron has withdrawn from this schedule due to “health issues”. 

While most people believed that Kim Sae-ron’s withdrawal was due to public ire, a close acquaintance told Xportnews that the actress recently “breaks down mentally”. 

kim sae ron-kim soo hyun

According to this acquaintance, the mental breakdown was due to the spread of an “intimate photo” showing Kim Sae-ron and Kim Soo-hyun.

“Kim Sae-ron is aware that it’s too soon for her return, but she holds great passion for acting and standing on stage. She works really hard, and there are a lot of fans waiting for her returns,” the acquaintance claimed, adding, “She has practiced extensively for the musical, but her health declines due to a mental breakdown. So, we talk about withdrawal as health should be the utmost priority”. 

These claims, however, have rendered Korean netizens speechless, especially as the photo with Kim Soo-hyun was published by Kim Sae-ron herself. 

Below are some comments from netizens on the Korean forum “theqoo”: 

  • Why is she cosplaying as a victim when she’s the one that posted the photo herself…
  • Stop dragging in Kim Soo-hyun…
  • It will be harder for her to return if she keeps pulling shits like this instead of actually self-reflecting 
  • Did she pay for this article to get published? 
  • Didn’t she post the photo and then delete it herself? 
  • Kim Soo-hyun is the only victim here

Source: theqoo, Naver

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