The fans are speechless when looking at the way Blackpink cheering each other

This strange and humorous way of cheering each other has become a unique feature of 4 BLACKPINK girls.

Every time before going on stage or ending a show, most K-pop groups have their own way of supporting their spirits.  While the majority of groups will shout “1, 2, 3 Yeah” excitedly, BLACKPINK has an extremely lack of energy cheer: ” 1, 2, 3 Whoo “. Contrary to the highfive, the 4 girls choose to use “lowfive” to encourage each other when preparing to go on stage.

BLACKPINK has a way of encouraging each other

Most recently, at The Late Late Show with James Corden, the group shared this interesting way to do it.  The host of the program and fans were surprised, bursting into laughter at BLACKPINK’s “lowfive”.  This is not the first time that BLACKPINK has come up with this humorous way of cheering.  Right from the debut stages, the group had a tradition of “lowfive” together.

BLACKPINK also invites artists to collaborate with them to participate in this interesting lowfive.  During a performance with Dua Lipa, Rosé enthusiastically instructed the female singer to perform lowfive together.  After finishing, the singer Dua Lipa also … was surprised, but of course, it was very funny!

BLACKPINK has a way of encouraging each other

Do not think that lowfive instead of highfive will pull the mood down.  The proof is that every time BLACKPINK finishes lowfive, the people around have to laugh at this lovely action.  Above all, this BLACKPINK style action also made the members feel more excited and more excited.  BLACKPINK is truly a unique group, even the way of cheering each other is different.

BLACKPINK has a way of encouraging each other

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