Park Eun Bin shows off her bare face without any difference from when putting on makeup

Actress Park Eun-bin shows off her bare face so flawless that she doesn’t need to use cosmetics.

On the 12th, a V-log video titled “Days of Jeju Island with Eun-bin” was posted on Namoo Actors’ official YouTube channel.

In the video, Park Eun-bin visited Jeju Island to film ENA’s ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo‘ and practiced acting while enjoying a moderate break.

On the way to the accommodation, Park Eun-bin ordered a Jeju limited drink and tasted it. She showed off her undignified beauty even in the composition taken from below.

Park Eun-bin, who arrived at the dormitory later, took a shower after completing the first quarantine with disinfecting wipes.

Park Eun-bin, who returned from a bath, immediately caught the attention of fans. Although she had removed her makeup, she did not change much.

Although she still saw dark circles under her eyes due to accumulated fatigue, she still showed off her perfect facial features and baby-like skin.

Fans who watched the video had mixed reactions, such as “Why do you need makeup?” “Your bare face looks better” and “Surprisingly you don’t have any pores or blemishes.”

Meanwhile,  the last episode of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ starring Park Eun-bin is scheduled to air on the 18th.

Source: insight

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