NewJeans fancam surpassed 5.6 million views, even more viral than the main stage?

A fancam of NewJeans’ stage reached 5.6 million YouTube views within just 10 days of release

On August 5th, the one-take fancam of NewJeans’ performance for their song “Attention” was uploaded on the KBS Kpop YouTube channel. 

In this stage, all the members showed off their innocent charms with fluttering long straight hair. They also showed the spirit of a rookie cool and refreshing movements and spirit. 

Moreover, the girl group boasted knife-sharp choreography that was perfectly executed despite being a one-take. 


Additionally, NewJeans have been creating a sensation in Korea, having achieved perfect-all-kills on all Korean music charts with their debut song. 

Likewise, their fancam also drew a lot of attention for its attractive atmosphere, impressive thumbnail, and excellent cinematography. 

As of 12 AM (KST) on August 15th, the video has recorded 5.65 million views on YouTube, proving the group’s immense popularity despite being rookies. 


Regarding this one-take fancam, netizens have been showing reactions such as “The fancam was taken better than the main stage video, I watch it every day”, “I don’t know much about NewJeans but I saw this fancam”, “The atmosphere is really refreshing and cool, this is the best stange”, and more.

Source: dispatch

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