An actor who debuted as a comedian but became a general in “Hansan: Rising Dragon” 

In “Hansan: Rising Dragon”, there are supporting actors who reliably protect the Joseon army. Park Hoon, Yoon Jin-young and Kim Jae-young’s character still cuts have been released.

In “Hansan: Rising Dragon“, which boasts an overwhelming No.1 spot at box offices this summer, there are supporting actors who reliably protect the Joseon army. They are Park Hoon, Yoon Jin-young and Kim Jae-young. First, Park Hoon played the role of Yi Un-ryong, the governor of Gyeongsang-wo, in “Hansan: Rising Dragon”.

In the film, he is a disciple of Eo Yeong-dam, but he respects Yi Sun-sin and is loyal to him and Joseon. Park Hoon, who presented impressive performances in various works, shows a noble appearance in the Battle of Hansan with intense eyes in “Hansan: Rising Dragon”.

Yoon Jin-young took on the role of Song Hee-rip, a Joseon General and subordinate of Yi Sun-sin. Yoon Jin-young debuted as a comedian, but he has turned to acting since 2013. After participating in various works as minor roles, he came to light thanks to “Hansan: Rising Dragon”.

Song Hee-rip, who believes and assists Yi Sun-sin, who is in agony among the deadliest tactics, helps the audience to convey information and immerse themselves in the film from the perspective of a third party.

Lastly, Kim Jae-young played the role of Jung-woon, a brave general next to Admiral Yi Sun-sin. Jung-woon appears as a character who overpowers the enemy with actions rather than words.

In particular, Jung-woon shows the bravery of directly fighting to protect the floor plan of the turtle ship. You can see the charisma of actor Kim Jae-young, who supports teamwork with his solid acting skills.

“Hansan: Rising Dragon”, which is reorganizing the summer film market by topping the box office overwhelmingly, is being screened.

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