“Chart King” BTS Jimin re-enters Gaon Social Chart at No.34

BTS Jimin re-entered the Gaon Social chart, showing his unchanging “social king” aspect in the New Year 2022.

BTS Jimin took 34th place on the “Gaon Social Chart 2.0” in the second week of 2022 (Jan 2~Jan 8). This proved his strong solo popularity as he re-entered the “Gaon Social Chart” top 50 and ranked #34 while having no personal activities such as new solo songs or music videos.

Previously, Jimin has been steadily loved by penetrating the chart for 18 consecutive weeks. At the Gaon Music Awards held in January 2021, his solo song “Filter” and his first produced song “Friends” were nominated for February’s Song of the Year alongside 2 other songs by BTS.

4 songs that were nominated for the award were “ON”, “00:00”, “Filter” and “Friends”, which raised artist Jimin’s status.

Meanwhile, keywords for Jimin’s charm on the Gaon chart were “excellent”, “surprising”, “lovely” as internal charms and “cute”, “dazzling”, “beautiful” as external charms. Jimin is proving his overwhelming presence on the Gaon chart through his comprehensive social popularity as well as his songs’ streaming.


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