Lee Da-hae tearfully confessed, “Se7en and I faced a critical situation last year”

Lee Da-hae and Se7en will make their first appearance on a TV broadcast together through “Omniscient Interfering View”.

The 185th episode of MBC “Omniscient Interfering View” to be aired on January 15th, will reveal a behind-the-scenes story of Lee Da-hae and Se7en, who have been in a romantic relationship for 7 years.

Lee Da-hae and Se7en

Lee Da-hae, who drew a lot of attention last week with her “Durian Mukbang”, has raised the viewers’ high expectations as she will show how she spends a day with her boyfriend Se7en and their couple chemistry. This is the first time the two appear on a broadcast together.

Lee Da-hae and Se7en

In the pre-release content, the two met each other at a famous restaurant that Lee Da-hae selected. In the strange atmosphere, they said, “Why is it so awkward?”, drawing laughter. But not long after then, the two started showing affection for each other, stimulating the viewers’ love cells.

Lee Da-hae and Se7en

In addition, Se7en got embarrassed, and he was sweating a lot while listening to Lee Da-hae’s nonstop talks and stories. Se7en then said, “Please stop Da-hae~”, and asked to stop the filming, drawing keen attention to the unusual behind-the-scenes stories of their relationship.

Lee Da-hae and Se7en

On the other hand, Lee Da-hae burst into tears as she said, “Se7en and I faced a critical situation last year”, making everyone emotional. Audiences are looking forward to the official broadcast to know the special story of Lee Da-hae and Se7en couple that can’t be heard anywhere else.

The full story of Lee Da-hae and Se7en’s 7-year relationship can be found in “Omniscient Interfering View”.


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