IVE’s Yujin vs KEP1ER’s Yujin: 2 outstanding 4th generation rookie female idols

Not only having the same name, these two female idols happen to share many similarities. 

2021 marks the launch of many prominent 4th generation groups, attracting much attention. The two rookie girl groups that have made a strong impression on the public recently are KEP1ER and IVE thanks to the talented all-visual lineups. The special thing about these 2 4th gen groups is that they both feature a member named Yujin, Choi Yujin and Ahn Yujin

IVE Yujin vs KEP1ER Yujin
Two members named Yujin are often compared by fans.  

Yujin (KEP1ER)

Choi Yujin was active under Cube Entertainment for 6 years as the center and visual of CLC. However, after 7 years of working in the industry, CLC could not shoot to fame and rise to the top. Meanwhile, other girl groups that debuted at the same time as CLC have already earned a solid place in the industry. 

Therefore, Choi Yujin decided to take matters into her own hands to achieve success. This received much support from fans because Yujin has everything that it takes to become a popular female idol. 

IVE Yujin vs KEP1ER Yujin
Choi Yujin is noticed because she was a member of CLC. 

Choi Yujin was willing to move past 6 years of her idol career to become a trainee again by participating in Mnet’s survival show Girls Planet 999. In the competition, the female idol did not disappoint with her talent and charm. She made it into the final lineup to debut in KEP1ER. 

IVE Yujin vs KEP1ER Yujin

Yujin once surprised everyone when sharing how her former agency CUBE Entertainment treated her as well as other CLC members. From the time she joined Girls Planet 999 until the end of the program, CUBE did not post any announcements or encouraging words related to her. Therefore, many fans praised Yujin for her relentless efforts.

IVE Yujin vs KEP1ER Yujin

With extensive experience, it is not surprising that Yujin was chosen to be KEP1ER’s leader. During a recent live performance of WA DA DA, she continued to impress fans with her radiant beauty. Many viewers commented that Yujin’s visual shone significantly compared to Girls Planet 999’s finale.

IVE Yujin vs KEP1ER Yujin

After debuting, KEP1ER caused a lot of controversies over line distribution and center placement. However, as for Choi Yujin, she has been still receiving favorable responses from viewers. At the same time, fans commented that Choi Yujin’s singing skills have improved since Girls Planet 999 and remain quite stable at the moment.

IVE Yujin vs KEP1ER Yujin

Yujin (IVE)

Although Ahn Yujin has not yet been pushed as expected by the company, she is still one of the most popular IVE members. The female idol proved her ability by taking on the roles of lead vocal and lead dancer when she was active under IZ*ONE. In IVE, Yujin is also considered the one who “carries the group behind”.

In terms of beauty, Yujin is said to be increasing in visual ranking. Her makeup style is more mature than before. Therefore, netizens evaluate Yujin as a potential idol of the 4th generation at this point.

IVE Yujin vs KEP1ER Yujin
Yujin is considered a potential idol of the new generation.
IVE Yujin vs KEP1ER Yujin
She is a member highly appreciated by netizens when joining the IVE lineup.

Yujin also challenged herself as an MC in the music show Inkigayo. She impresses netizens with her sense of humor and fashion sense.

IVE Yujin vs KEP1ER Yujin
The female idol also took on the challenge as a host in the music show Inkigayo.

In addition, Yujin is also a highly regarded name in the field of fashion and advertising. For example, the female idol once attended a Burberry event. Besides, Yujin is really a multi-talented artist as she showed her acting ability when appearing in Mad Clown and Ailee’s MV Thirst.

IVE Yujin vs KEP1ER Yujin
She used to surprise fans when she showed her talent in the fashion field.

However, Yujin caused controversy over her attitude because she didn’t bow to seniors at Music Core. Specifically, MC Jaemin (NCT), Lee Know (Stray Kids) and Kim Minju (former IZ*ONE member) left the stage after announcing the results and giving the trophy to IVE. Despite the fact that all three MCs bowed to the group, IVE just ignored them.  It was not until Kim Minju hugged Ahn Yujin from behind that she greeted her colleague back.

IVE Yujin vs KEP1ER Yujin
The female idol once caused controversy when she did not bow to her senior.

In general, both idols from two rookie groups possess impressive beauty and talent. What helps them get more attention is how the host company promotes them..

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