Current whereabouts of this supporting actor from “Descendants of the Sun” who is just as heart-fluttering as Song Joong Ki 

Do you remember the handsome doctor in “Descendants of the Sun”? Here’s how he’s doing now. 

In addition to the male lead and second male lead Song Joong Ki and Jin Goo, the 2016 hit drama “Descendants of the Sun” also starred a lineup of supporting actors in the role of military soldiers and doctors that are just as visually stunning. One of them is Jasper Cho, who played doctor Daniel. In the drama, Daniel is a rich, handsome and talented Canadian doctor with a chaebol background. Not only is he good at treating patients, but he can also fix machines. He stole viewers’ hearts with the iconic pickup line, “The only thing that I can’t fix is a woman’s heart”. Although Jasper Cho did not have much screen time, his presence was outstanding. 

jasper cho
Jasper Cho in a scene with Song Hye Kyo

Jasper Cho, whose Korean name is Cho Tae Kwan, is a Canadian-Korean model and actor. He made his debut in 2007 by appearing in a commercial for GE Appliances in Canada and entered Korea’s entertainment industry by participating in the talent show “SuperStar K6” in 2014. Starting out a bit late in Korea, Jasper mostly starred in music videos. “Descendants of the Sun” in 2016 marked his first drama role. Thanks to the series’ huge success, Jasper Cho made a name for himself among viewers.

After “Descendants of the Sun”, Jasper Cho joined more projects but only took on supporting roles. His most well-known drama other than “Descendants of the Sun” is “Start Up”, released in 2020, where he played Alex Kwon, the director of 2STO’s Korean branch. Given his real-life background, Jasper Cho is often offered to play characters who are Koreans living overseas. 

jasper cho
Jasper Cho behind the scenes of “Start Up”

Currently, Jasper Cho mostly focuses on modeling activities. Through his Instagram updates, the male star wows fans with his charming looks and gorgeous body proportions. Many viewers are looking forward to his comeback to the screen in a bigger role. 

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