Kim Woo-bin “I filmed CG scenes in full body spandex suits… I felt at ease thanks to So Ji-sub”

Actor Kim Woo-bin talked about difficulties of filming computer graphics (CG) scenes.

Kim Woo-bin, the protagonist of the movie “Alienoid part 1“, appeared on SBS Power FM’s “Cultwo Show” that aired on July 21st.

kim woo bin

The new work “Alienoid part 1” of director Choi Dong-hoon (“Tazza: The High Rollers”, “Jeon Woo-chi: The Taoist Wizard”, “The Thieves”) depicts an extraordinary story that unfolds as the gates of time open between late Goryeo and the present in 2022, when aliens appear. Kim Woo-bin returned to the screen after 6 years as Guard, a supernatural being who manages and escorts alien prisoners.

kim woo bin

To the listener’s curiosity “Since there were many CG scenes, was it difficult for you to film?”, Kim Woo-bin replied, “There were many times when I filmed in front of a green mat. It was embarrassing at first. I filmed in full body spandex suits. When I was alone, I felt more at ease if So Ji-sub, who has broad shoulders, appeared from afar.”

kim woo bin

In addition, Kim Woo-bin said that actors Ryu Jun-yeol and Kim Tae-ri made a surprise appearance at the time of his first shoot. He added with a smile, “Fortunately, they came by the end of the shoot. They didn’t see me wearing spandex suits. I could have been embarrassed because we weren’t close back then.”


Meanwhile, “Alienoid” starring Kim Woo-bin, Ryu Jun-yeol, Kim Tae-ri, So Ji-sub, Yum Jung-ah and Jo Woo-jin is being screened at theaters nationwide.

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