Park Eun-bin, who hit the jackpot with ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’, received unexpected news

Park Eun-bin, who just finished filming ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’, drew attention.

On the 21st, reported on the position of the ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ team regarding the reward vacation. The media reported, borrowing the words of the drama official, “It is true that we are discussing rewards for the production team and staff internally.” 

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

He said it is not yet known whether the “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” team’s bonus is a holiday, saying: “Coordinating an actor’s schedule is not easy. Park Eun-bin, who is discussing her next job, and Kang Tae-oh, who is about to enlist in the army, both have busy schedules due to the popularity of the work,” he said.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Park Eun-bin finished filming for ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’, which had been going on for about 8 months, on the 14th. The news about the next project that came after about a week had fans reacted astonishingly.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Theqoo users commented, “Park Eun-bin’s mind is really cool”, “Park Eun-bin’s a real workaholic”, “She said she’s taking a break for a while, but she’s going to work right away?”, “Wow Eunbin. Are you in good shape?”, “You really work hard”, “You’re really amazing”, etc.

In fact, Park Eun-bin has been working almost non-stop since 2019. Park Eun-bin, who starred in the drama “Hot Stove League”, “Do you like Brahms?” and following the movie “Witch 2”, started filming “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” right after the drama “The King’s Affection” ended last April.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

On the other hand, Park Eun-bin rose to the ranks of a popular actor by thanks to her new hit ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ following the drama ‘The King’s Affection’.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’, in which Park Eun-bin plays the main character, continues to record the highest viewership ratings for every new episode. The drama started with a low rating of 0.9% (provided by Nielsen Korea) on the first episode and is now creating a sensation with a rating of 11.7% in the 7th episode aired on the 20th.

Source: Wikitree

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