Sung Si-kyung, “The settings of other dating programs are getting boring… We’re doing a real romance reality show” (Marry Me)

Sung Si-kyung commented about the setting of other dating programs.

The online production presentation for JTBC’s “Marry Me” was held on the afternoon of October 13th. Sung Si-kyung, Ahn Hyun-mo, Lee Jin-hyuk, Brave Girls Yujeong, PD Kim Ji-eun and PD Im Seon-taek attended the event.

sung si kyung

Explaining why he decided to appear on the show, Sung Si-kyung said, “I think it would be fun. The idea of the show was more interesting than I expected. It’s a new concept that has not been introduced in our country. It’s important that the program shows how sincere the cast members are and how amazing the act of thinking about getting married and preparing for the marriage is. The cast members would like to show such sincerity”.

sung si kyung

He continued, “What makes this program different is that it tells the stories of people who really want to get married. Existing romance programs have shown many different settings. It’s getting boring to some extent. There is not much sincerity in those settings. However, this program will let you see those who risk their lives to find their partner. I think we can show you such sincerity. Also, I hope a couple from our program will get married in real life”.

sung si kyung

Regarding the points that made “Marry Me” different from other romance reality shows, Sung Si-kyung said, “In other dating programs, you can hear the cast asking ‘What do you like?’. In our program, it would be ‘What do you think about having children?’ and questions about childbirth plans. This is the special point. The difference is that we’re telling the story of people meeting each other on the premise of marriage.”

When asked about his opinion on the shocking setting of the show, Sung Si-kyung shared, “I think I saw it on a foreign program, and it was very impressive. It’s like a systematic trend. So I’m very curious about how the Korean version will be. It will be so interesting watching the program as a viewer”.

sung si kyung

“Marry Me” is a romance reality program that shows men and women, who are serious about getting married, go on a 100-day journey and make promises for marriage beyond dating. It will premiere at 10:30 p.m on October 13th. 

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