Kim Jong Kook praises TWICE Jihyo’s superior body, “Her back muscles surprise me. She’s like an athlete”

Broadcaster Kim Jong Kook showed admiration for TWICE Jihyo’s extraordinary body and athletic skills.

On August 24th, the Youtube channel “GYM JONG KOOK” uploaded a new video featuring the guest appearance of TWICE member Jihyo.


As soon as Kim Jong Kook saw Jihyo, he said, “You look so different from the last time we met. Seems like you lost some weight and look more mature”.

Jihyo, who used to undergo knee surgery, said, “I’ve been doing Pilates for about a year, but the problem is that I’m doing a world tour. I normally work out at the gym in hotels, so I’m not sure if my posture is correct since it’s been a while since I did training like this. If you could make a good routine for me, I’ll try my best to follow it”, expressing her determination to exercise. 


Knowing that Jihyo likes back exercises, Kim Jong Kook said, “I happened to see a picture online and Jihyo was wearing an outfit that revealed her back. I could see her back muscles were in great form. There’s also a pillar”, expressing his impression of Jihyo’s back muscles.


Regarding Jihyo’s body, Kim Jong Kook and a fitness trainer poured compliments, saying “Her body figure is so nice. It’s like the body of a Pilates instructor or contestant preparing for a bikini competition”. Later, when Jihyo wore her sportswear with her shoulders and waistline exposed, Kim Jong Kook once again exclaimed, “Look at her back. She’s like an athlete”.


They began their training in earnest, and Jihyo immediately did the perfect posture without needing much instruction. Seeing that Kim Jong Kook and the trainer said, “Your posture is excellent. It’s the athlete’s level. You also breathe like an athlete. I have nothing to teach you since you’re already doing so well”, praising Jihyo’s exceptional exercising skills.

Source: Naver

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