“15th debut anniversary” KARA, are they about to reunite?… Rumors of their comeback as a whole are spreading

As the group KARA celebrates their 15th anniversary, fans are raising expectations for their comeback as a whole.

Recently, a post titled “KARA fans are going crazy right now” was uploaded on various online communities.

The author said, “Recently, KARA member Nicole followed Heo Young-ji. Besides, Kang Ji-young followed Heo Young-ji, and Heo Young-ji also followed Nicole and Kang Ji-young.”


This person added, “It’s currently their 15th debut anniversary. Fans are raising expectations whether former and current KARA members will make a comeback together to commemorate this.”

KARA officially debuted on March 29th, 2007 as a 4-member girl group with Park Gyu-ri, Han Seung-yeon, Kim Sung-hee and Nicole.

After Kim Sung-hee’s withdrawal, they recruited Goo Ha-ra and Kang Ji-young to make a 5-member group while promoting their first mini album “Rock U” in 2008.

Afterwards, they released numerous hit songs such as “Pretty Girl”, “Honey”, “Lupin”, “Mister” and “Step”, receiving great love as a second-generation girl group along with Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls.

After Nicole and Kang Ji-young left in 2014, Heo Young-ji joined as a new member, but the group officially disbanded in 2016. Goo Ha-ra passed away unexpectedly in 2019.


Even after the disbandment, the members, who showed off their friendship through various SNS, have consistently expressed their wish for a comeback as a whole.

Last year, Park Gyu-ri mentioned the complete group, “I often meet other members to talk and discuss plans, so I hope fans will wait for us.”


Nicole said, “Of course (a comeback as a whole) is possible. But we still need a little more time. If all of us get the timing right, I think we’ll be able to show you great performances.” Han Seung-yeon also confessed, “The members are discussing, but nothing is certain yet. We’re discussing with enthusiasm.”

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