Seo Hyun Jin, the best K-drama female lead among ongoing series: already boasting outstanding visuals and acting, to raise ratings even further? 

Seo Hyun Jin managed to make an impactful comeback with her newest K-drama “Why Her?”.

Actress Seo Hyun Jin recently returned in the SBS law drama “Why Her”, where she made quite the impression towards netizens. The series, which opened with a rating of 6.1% and on the rise, airs every Thursday and Friday, starting June 3rd, 2022. 

Alongside the intriguing plot and stunning cinematography, the excellent acting performance of leading actress Seo Hyun Jin has become the talk of town

In “Why Her”, the actress assumes the role of the talented and ambitious law partner Oh Soo Jae, who has won numerous cases and is the top employee at the TK law firm. However, many people are envious of her, and would do everything to take her down. 

However, a tragic incident caused Oh Soo Jae to lose her hard-earned prestige, which led to her taking on the position of a university law professor.  Here, she reunited with the male lead Gong Chan, who she helped in the past and is played by actor Hwang In Yeop. The duo then set out to clear the name for Oh Soo Jae, facing various challenges along the way. 

While boasting a strong, independent, and arrogant exterior, Oh Soo Jae actually gets hurt easily and has a complicated personality. All of these traits are spectacularly delivered by actress Seo Hyun Jin, who will also turn the show into a fashion runway with her eye-catching outfits. 

As a result, the actress became a hot topic immediately after the first episode of “Why Her?”, and is now the most buzz-worthy actor, TV drama category, for the first week of June in Korea. 

Seo Hyun-jin
Seo Hyun Jin became a hot topic immediately after the first episode of “Why Her?”

“Why Her?” is broadcasted every Thursday and Friday on SBS. 

Source: K14

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