“Why Seo Hyun-jin?”… Diction + emotion + perfect acting (Why Her)

“Why Her” Seo Hyun-jin was different as expected.

SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Why Her” (directed by Park Soo-jin and Kim Ji-yeon, written by Kim Ji-eun, produced by Studio S and VO Media) was hot and intense from the start. Viewers immediately fell in love with the unpredictable storyline that cannot be missed for a moment, the unconventional development and the unique character called “Oh Soo-jae”. As a result, episode 2 recorded 6.5% nationwide, 7.1% in the metropolitan area (based on Nielsen Korea) and a peak rating of 9.3%, taking the lead in the battle of new works. In the first week of the broadcast, explosive reactions and favorable reviews poured out.

Seo Hyun-jin

At the center was Seo Hyun-jin, who had a perfect return. Her drastic transformation as Oh Soo-jae was successful. Like her interpretation that “Oh Soo-jae is a person whose boundaries between good and evil are unclear”, she attractively created a complex and three-dimensional character. She showed her true value as a trustworthy actress by capturing in detail the reasonable spite and ambition as well as the empty and desperate inner self of Oh Soo-jae, who considered that success is her only dream and reason for living. By completing Oh Soo-jae, which is only possible because she is Seo Hyun-jin, the actress foreshadowed another work of a lifetime and another role of a lifetime. This provided a clear answer to the question “Why Seo Hyun-jin?”

Seo Hyun-jin’s presence can also be seen in the behind-the-scenes photos. The first court scene in which Oh Soo-jae, a lawyer who does everything for her clients, was properly imprinted. The super-focused mode in which she familiarizes with the script before filming is eye-catching. Seo Hyun-jin’s efforts to be perfect until the end prove the reason for favorable reviews as she has to digest unfamiliar terms and vast lines due to the nature of legal dramas. The filming site of Oh Soo-jae, who decorated the first scene of the drama in an unconventional way, was also revealed. Seo Hyun-jin, who played from overwhelming emotions to fine tremors of Oh Soo-jae, who witnessed Park So-young (Hong Ji-yoon)’s death, is impressive.

Seo Hyun-jin

Due to Park So-young’s death, Oh Soo-jae was ousted from being a lawyer representing TK Law Firm to an adjunct professor at Seojung University Law School, once again drifting apart from her half-achieved success. However, she did not regard it as a failure. She declared to Chairman Choi Tae-kook (Huh Joon-ho), who had abandoned her, “I’ll get back on my own.” She afterwards started drawing a new “Big Picture” by stimulating Han Seong-beom (Lee Geung-young) and Lee In-soo (Jo Young-jin) with the secretly taken Hansoo Bio data.

Seo Hyun-jin

Meanwhile, episode 3 of SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Why Her” will air at 10 p.m. on June 10th (Friday).

Source: Nate

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