Jang Won-young Shares Thoughts On Mixed Public Opinions About Her, Minnie Talks About Making Music

IVE’s Jang Won-young and (G)I-DLE’s Minnie showed off their doll-like visuals in new photoshoots

On October 17th, fashion magazine Harper’s BAZAAR released the covers of IVE’s Jang Won-young and (G)I-DLE’s Minnie with different charms for the November issue. Jang Won-young took the photoshoot in the morning in Paris, while Minnie posed against the backdrop of a night in Seoul.

Filmed during the 2024 S/S Paris Fashion Week, Jang Won-young’s covers captured the female idol in the park and on the streets of Paris with her pure beauty. Wearing a ribbon black dress in front of a fountain, Jang Won-young gave off a more atmospheric vibe due to the autumn rain. Her simple hair and makeup, which are 180 degrees different from her bold image on the stage of IVE’s new song “Baddie”, captivated fans and netizens. 

jang won young

Meanwhile, Minnie’s cover shoot took place in the middle of her busy overseas concert tour. It highlighted Minnie’s charisma in the Seoul night view. Her confident look in a bra top and cardigan and unique makeup with crystal on her nose was impressive. Especially, the photoshoot was done on the same day as the World Fireworks Festival held in Hangang Park, Yeouido, Seoul.

In the interview after the shoot, Jang Won-young revealed the biggest change to her from when she met Harper’s BAZAAR for the first time when she was 18 until now. The IVE member said, “I still have many things to do and cannot believe it yet. I’ve been busy with things I want to achieve and at some point, people began to call me an adult. However, the current Won-young is surprisingly nothing different from the girl back then.”

When asked about her picture of her heyday and at what point would it make her feel satisfied, Jang Won-young said, “I think I’ll be drawing another picture when I get to that point. I believe that there are still more days waiting for me.”

(G)I-dle minnie

Regarding her feelings about how people look at her differently compared to her true self, Jang Won-young said, “I don’t really want to define the mixed opinions of how others look at me. It is because I and the people around me know my true self the best. That’s what matters to me.”

In her interview, Minnie also talked about various things related to her. When asked about the meaning of making music to her, Minnie said, “I think it’s such a great pleasure to be able to deliver some messages or my feelings to people through music. I get comforted by singing all the time, so I hope it will also become a source of happiness and comfort to others.”

Regarding her biggest happiness and concern as she has entered the stable phase of her career, the (G)I-DLE member confessed, “Ever since I began dreaming of becoming a singer when I was young, I always wanted to do a world tour. It was like a dream back then, so being on a real world tour feels like the biggest growth and achievement for me. I’m happy to have a chance to meet more people in various places, sing with my fans, and gain energy from them. My only concern is my physical strength. My current condition is not the same as when I was in my early 20s.”

Source: Nate

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