This “The Glory” actor expresses how he is too immersed in the drama through Instagram posts

As the Netflix drama “The Glory” is drawing more attention every day, public interest in the cast also increases.

While the casts continue to receive compliments for their excellent acting skills, one of the actors who play the five bullies is more immersed in the story of “The Glory” than the viewers. 

the glory

On January 7th, Park Sung Hoon posted two photos on his Instagram account. 

In “The Glory”, Park Sung Hoon plays Jung Jae Joon, the character who has an affair with a school bullying perpetrator Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) and the biological father of Park Yeon Jin’s daughter Ha Ye Sol.

Park Sung Hoon caught the eyes of drama fans by releasing two selfies that seem to have been taken during the filming of “The Glory”.

the glory

The first picture shows the “five school violence perpetrators” actors and Jung Sung Il, who plays Ha Do Young, together. 

Park Sung Hoon added to the photo the caption, “My friends… What is that man doing right there?”, drawing laughter.

Apart from the four who appear as his friends, Jung Sung Il plays Lim Ji Yeon’s husband while Park Sung Hoon has an affair with Lim Ji Yeon in the drama. That’s why Park Sung Hoon wrote the caption expressing uncomfortable feelings.

the glory
the glory

After a while, the actor re-uploaded the picture but this time he painted Jung Sung Il’s face with black color, making fans laugh. Along with this post, Park Sung Hoon wrote the caption, “Ah, it’s okay now. My friends^^”, showing how he is more immersed in “The Glory” than anyone else.

Seeing Park Sung Hoon’s photos and silly comments, netizens commented, “I thought he would prevent us from overindulging in the drama, but it turns out he’s into the drama even more seriously than us”, “He’s so cute”, “So funny”, etc.

Source: Insight

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