Lee Seunggi: “I’ve had to require psychiatric treatment when I was 29”

Lee Seung-gi revealed his experience of visiting a psychiatrist on SBS’s “All The Butlers”.

Dr. Oh Eun-young, a psychiatrist, appeared as the first master of the special episode “Crisis Escape Number 3” on SBS’s “All The Butlers,” which aired on October 10th. In this episode, Dr. Oh Eun-young asked, “Have you ever met a psychiatrist?” to which Lee Seung Gi answered, “Can I be honest? I’ve had psychiatric treatment.”

lee seung gi

He then said, “It was the time when I can felt the frustration in my mind went beyond and even lead to a physical abnormality in my body. Before I went to the military, I was sick around the age of 29 and 30. At first, I thought I was in bad condition, so I even went to an oriental medicine clinic or hospital for an MRI. I felt sick even though there was no problem with my body,” he confessed.

lee seung gi

Lee Seung-gi said, “People around me suggested a psychiatrist because the condition might be on the side of panic disorder. But don’t you think psychiatry feels just like a local internal medicine? It was hard just to go there. I couldn’t tell all of my inner thoughts at that time. There was still an instinctive defense”.

Upon hearing this, Yang Se-hyung said, “I did the same,” forming a consensus with Lee Seung-gi.

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