Kim Seon-Ho’s side has no statement regarding Dispatch’s article exposing A’s lies

Actor Kim Seon-ho refuses to release any statement about the “12 distorted truths” article reported by entertainment media Dispatch.

Salt Entertainment, his agency, carefully drew a line on”Sports Trends” on October 26th, saying, “We are sorry but we have nothing to say.” Earlier, Dispatch posted an article titled, “To Choi Young-ah… 12 Distorted Truths about Kim Seon-ho,” which contains contents related to the controversy over his private life.

They posted information that refuted some of the claims of Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend A. According to Dispatch, A admitted that she was divorced only after dating Seon-ho, who was shocked but decided to date her regardless. The two traveled and dated like an ordinary lover. The media outlet also released photos of the couple’s trip, saying that it was different from A’s claim that they had to hide their relationship and walk without holding hands outside.

Regarding the allegations that Kim Seon-ho forced his girlfriend to have an abortion, his acquaintance, B, revealed via Dispatch that the actor thought it was a good thing at first but got scared later. “They thought about it a lot, and they were sad but agreed to let the baby go,” B countered. He then claimed that Seon-ho even cooked seaweed soup for A for two weeks.

In addition, Dispatch reported based on the testimony of A’s acquaintances, “Her spending on luxuries were difficult for Kim Seon-ho. During Christmas, she bought a luxury bag worth 7 million won. Her personal card was cut off, so she got the money from Kim Seon-ho. He must have been tired of A’s lies. It’s ironic that everyone is criticizing Kim Seon-ho. A just wanted Kim Seon-ho to go bankrupt and return to her. That’s what happened.”

Also, it was not that Kim Seon-ho notified her of the breakup abruptly after the abortion like A claimed. In fact, the two separated ways in May 2021. It made Dispatch question the validity of A’s statement as the abortion happened in July 2020. 

Earlier, Kim Seon-ho was criticized for his private life allegations which were posted on an online community on Oct 17th. In the revelation, A claimed that Kim Seon-ho urged her to have an abortion under the pretense of marriage when she was pregnant in July last year. After that, he unilaterally informed her of the breakup.

After Kim Seon-ho apologized on Oct 20th, A implied that she would take legal actions regarding secondary victimization, “I received an apology from him. It seems that there was a misunderstanding with each other. I hope that information that is different from the facts will no longer be revealed or that my story or his story will not be expanded and reproduced.” 


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