The admirably happy marriage of the “Penthouse” actress – Kim So Yeon

Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo’s happy marriage is admired by many netizens.

The audience will quickly think of Kim So Yeon when talking about one of the most outstanding Korean actresses. She frequently gets roles with a mysterious, frightening psychological character. Huh Young Mi – the evil female lead in All About Eve has been the role of a lifetime in her acting career. 

In 2020, Kim So Yeon continued to make viewers shiver when playing a rich and scheming woman in the hot series – ‘Penthouse’.

However, few people know that, in real life, Kim So Yeon is a woman with a gentle and lovely personality. Besides, she is also admired for having a beautiful love story like a fairy tale with the handsome actor Lee Sang Woo.

Falling in love on the filming set

Beautiful, famous, and has collaborated with a series of famous Korean and Chinese actors, but Kim So Yeon had not had any dating scandals. It was not until the age of 36 that she met the true love of her life – actor Lee Sang Woo when the two collaborated in Happy Home.

At first, they only considered each other as colleagues but had good feelings for each other. Kim So Yeon said she was deeply impressed by the costumes that Lee Sang Woo wore to the set. Despite being a famous star, he only wore simple clothes.

“He always wore the same outfit to the set. Lee Sang Woo wore rubber sandals, a stretched T-shirt, and worn-out sweatpants. The worn-out outfits that Sang Woo often wore to the set show that he is a person who does not like to show off,” Kim So Yeon shared.

Kim So Yeon Lee Sang Woo
Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo fell in love while filming “Happy Home” together.

As for Lee Sang Woo, he paid attention to his beautiful co-star because of her meticulousness and thoughtfulness. Lee said he had a crush on Kim So Yeon because she was always ready to dress up before going on set to give the staff time to prepare for other co-stars. Kim So Yeon’s humility and inquisitiveness made him admire.

It wasn’t until the last weeks of filming Happy Home that Lee Sang Woo mustered up the courage to confess to Kim So Yeon.

The actor called Kim So Yeon one morning while somewhat inebriated. But even using alcohol to boost his bravery, Lee Sang Woo still resisted speaking his mind out loud.

After observing this scene, comedian Jung Chan Woo, who was seated next to him, took the phone out of Lee Sang Woo’s hand and said, “Sang Woo said he likes you, So Yeon,” in a loud voice.

Kim So Yeon Lee Sang Woo
The couple’s love grew after working together on the set

When hearing this “confession”, Kim So Yeon was quite confused. She thought that Lee Sang Woo was drunk and was joking with her. Because of that, they did not officially become a couple.

A new “milestone” was set to hit by another incident that happened not long after. In particular, Lee Sang Woo abruptly exclaimed, “Wait for me to hand the phone to my girlfriend,” as they were on the phone with actor Lee Sang Yoon. Then, he immediately gave the phone to Kim So Yeon.

From then on, they officially became each other’s soulmates.

“The golden couple” of Kbiz with a simple but happy marriage 

After publicizing their relationship, Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo always spend time for each other despite their busy schedules. In fact, the couple often have 15-hour dates, where they meet each other at 7 AM and spend the rest of the day just catching up. 

After 7 months of dating, the couple tied the knot in a private wedding, which was attended by their family and close friends like Yoo Ji Tae, Jung Kyung Ho, Lee Sang Yoon, Kim Moo Yeol, and more. Here, Lee Sang Woo promised to only bring Kim So Yeon the sweetest and happiest moments. 

Kim So Yeon Lee Sang Woo

Now, 5 years into marriage, it seems that the actor has kept his word. The couple keep most of their life private, but are extremely happy and content. In addition, Lee Sang Woo mentions his wife very often. 

In a past interview, the actor admitted to being “obsessed” with Kim So Yeon and would think about her no matter where he goes. He also likes to take care of his wife, and would often make her favorite dishes and buy her gifts from his trips. Meanwhile, Kim So Yeon once affirmed these statements, saying, “Everytime he goes out, he’d bring back home something for me. Dumplings, for example.”

As both Lee Sang Woo and Kim So Yeon are actors, they always understand each other’s work, as well as encourage and support each other. 

Kim So Yeon Lee Sang Woo
Kim So Yeon Lee Sang Woo
Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo is leading a peaceful and happy married life

When Kim So Yeon was filming for season 2 of “Penthouse”, Lee Sang Woo also played a cameo role in support of his wife. In the behind-the-scenes footage, it can also be seen that he continuously watches over Kim So Yeon and gives her the fondest eyes. 

Another sweet gesture of the couple is on White Valentine, where Lee Sang Won secretly sent flowers to the filming set and make his wife’s day. He only left a romantic note which said, “So Yeon, you are working hard. Let’s film the remaining scenes well and sleep comfortably after you finish. Today too, fighting. I love you.” 

As she always receives a lot of love from her husband, Kim So Yeon never hides her joy when talking about her marriage. “Since we were dating, I have felt that Lee Sang Woo is a good man. And now that we are married, he’s better than ever.”

Kim So Yeon Lee Sang Woo
The couple’s cute photos together 
Kim So Yeon Lee Sang Woo
kim so yeon lee sang woo 10092022 6

Perfectly in love, Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo share a lot of their moments together on SNS. The couple’s account is full with stories and photos of their daily life. 

Simple and non-dramatic, the love story of Kim So Yeon and Lee Sang Woo is envied by a lot of people. They are a prime example of sincere and strong love amid the turbulent entertainment industry. 

Source: K14

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