Lee Jung’s surprise answer when receiving a call from her ex after she became famous through “Street Woman Fighter”

Dancer Lee Jung revealed that she received a call from her ex-boyfriend after gaining popularity through Mnet’s show “Street Woman Fighter”.

Hal Myung-soo

In the web entertainment show “Hal Myung-soo” to be released on January 14th, Park Myung-soo will have a talk with Lee Jung, whom he has always been a fan of.

While taking pictures for Lee Jung, Park Myung-soo asked, “Have you ever dated someone? Did you get any call from your ex after becoming famous?”. He was wondering if Lee Jung’s ex-boyfriend had ever contacted her after she became a hot public figure through “Street Woman Fighter”.

Hal Myung-soo

First, Lee Jung said she had already experienced being in a romantic relationship.

In addition, the dancer attracted attention as she said, “That person called me and said, ‘You’re doing so well. I’m happy to see that’. So I responded, ‘I’m also very happy to see myself doing well’.”

Then Park Myung-soo continued to ask Lee Jung, “Where did you get this confidence?”

Hal Myung-soo

In response, Lee Jung said, “I like being strong. Having no fear of anything is my greatest talent.”

Moreover, Lee Jung showed many high-level poses using her core strength. She said, “I didn’t fall down. Did you see how I kept the balance? I’m a dancer”, making everyone laugh because of her confident reaction.

The collaboration between “Young BossLee Jung and her “Real FanPark Myung-soo can be found in “Hal Myung-soo” video, which will be released at 5:30 P.M today (January 14th).

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