A Korean female star sentenced to jail for drug use, netizens outraged because the penalty is too light 

Netizens are furious because this female star has engaged in recidivism 3 times.

Getting caught using illegal drugs once is more than enough to put an end to the careers of Korean celebrities. But there is a female star who even did this for the 3rd time without any shame, enraging the public. 

She is TV personality and actress Amy. On March 3, the Chuncheon District Court officially sentenced Amy to 3 years in prison for violating the Drug Control Act. Her accomplice received a sentence of 3 and a half years in prison. The court also ordered both to complete a 40-hour drug addiction treatment program. Many netizens expressed their indignation because this sentence is too light, given the fact that Amy has repeated the offense many times, completely showing no remorse.

This is the third time Amy was sentenced for drug use

It is known that Amy used methamphetamine 6 times from the end of April to the end of August last year.  This is the third time this female artist has been found to be using illegal drugs.  The first time was in 2015, she was deported to the US.  In 2019, she returned to Korea and re-offended.  This time, she also accused male singer Wheesung of using illegal drugs.  The third time Amy used a drugs was in 2021.

Amy was born in 1982, is Korean-American and began appearing on television in 2018. After being deported from Korea, she once committed suicide in the US in 2017 but was saved.

Amy was deported to the US and only returned to Korea since 2019, but was arrested 2 more times for using banned drugs
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