(G)I-DLE reacted like this when “MY BAG” was played on the street

(G)I-DLE got excited when hearing “MY BAG” on the street.

On June 6th, a video titled “(G)I-DLE – I-LOG #3 MinYuShu’s Outing in Seongsu-dong (ENG)” was posted on (G)I-DLE‘s official YouTube channel. The video showed Minnie, Yuqi and Shuhua going on an outing in Seongsu-dong. The three encountered their song “MY BAG” while moving after eating at a shabu-shabu restaurant.


The members, who were excited by the song coming from a cafe near the subway station, had fun while dancing timidly. At the same time, Yuqi, who was wearing the hood, said “I’m so embarrassed now” and ran away, causing laughter.


Netizens who saw this left various comments, such as “Cube works well!”, “The three of them playing together is cute”, “If I were them, I’d also be proud when hearing my song on the street” and “(G)I-DLE, let’s do better.”

(G)I-DLE made a comeback with their first full-length album “I NEVER DIE” in March. The title track “TOMBOY” received great love as it topped major music sites shortly after its release.


(G)I-DLE, who is in their heyday with “Tomboy”, confirmed to hold their first world tour “2022 (G)I-DLE WORLD TOUR ‘JUST ME ( )I-DLE'”. Starting with Seoul concerts from June 17th to 20th, they will meet global fans in a total of 16 regions, including LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, New York, Atlanta (America), Santiago (Chile), Monterrey, Mexico City (Mexico), Jakarta (Indonesia), Manila (Philippines), Tokyo (Japan) and Singapore.


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