Dancer hit by 600-kg LED-screen awakes, important details are announced. 

Hongkong dancer Li Kai-yin gains consciousness. Nonetheless, his health is still in critical condition. 

Sohu news reported, according to Hongkong media report, Mo Li Kai-yin’s parents, a severely injured dancer in Mirror’s music concert, revealed the dancer awoke and could communicate with others. 

On the night of July 28th, when the Canto-pop band Mirror performed their 4th concert at the Red Pavilion, a tragic accident occured. The giant LED screen suddenly fell off, hitting two unlucky dancers, one of which was Li Kai-yin who suffered from serious injuries. 


According to “Apple Daily”, the initial cause is because one of the two cables supporting the screen snapped during the stage. Recently, the assistant director of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department said he used a microscope to examine the snapped cable supporting the LED screen and eliminated the possibility of “malicious damage caused by humans”. Whether the suspension cord experienced metal fatigue before or during the stage needs more to verify, results are expected in the coming week. 

More than 10 days after the incident, Li Kai-yin underwent three major surgeries. He suffered from head and neck injuries, brain hemorrhage, four-limb paralysis and fractured 4th cervical vertebrae and dislocated 5th cervical spine. 


According to the doctors, the dancer’s situation is still critical. Future recovery is a difficult task, let alone returning to stage. 

Cantopop band Mirror’s boss Richard Li will bear the cost of the medical expenses as well as look seriously into the accident. 

Source: Sohu 

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