Great tragedy at “idol concert” in Hong Kong, one person in serious condition

A great tragedy occurred at an idol concert in Hong Kong.

Shocking videos of the scene at that time are spreading rapidly.

According to Singapore Channel News Asia and other media outlets on July 29th (local time), a giant overhead video screen fell during a concert of Hong Kong’s popular 12-member boy group “Mirror” held at the Hong Kong Coliseum the previous day.

If you look at the footage of the incident circulated online, the large LCD screen hanging on the stage suddenly started to shake. The moment dancers moved across the stage, the screen quickly fell to the stage. The screen fell to the floor in less than a second, and one of the dancers collapsed after being hit directly in the face. The tilted screen then hit the dancers again, and the rest of the dancers ran to help them.

The scene became a mess with screams and cries of frightened fans who witnessed the accident. At that time, more than 10,000 fans were watching the stage. Soon after, officials came up to the stage, apologized to the audience and asked them to leave the concert hall.

Police told AFP that two male dancers were taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital while unconscious at around 10:30 PM. Queen Elizabeth Hospital explained that one man with a neck injury was in a serious condition, while another was in a stable condition after a head injury. It is not yet known whether the injured were Mirror members or hired dancers.

Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee said, “I ordered related authorities to thoroughly investigate the accident and review the safety requirements of similar events to ensure the protection of performers, workers and audience members.” Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism Kevin Yeung shared, “The Hong Kong government will suspend Mirror’s concert until the stage structure is proven to be safe.”

Mirror is a 12-member Hong Kong boy group that debuted in 2018. Along with “Error”, Mirror is currently considered the most popular boy group in Hong Kong. The concert was scheduled to be held at the Hong Kong Coliseum from July 25th to August 6th. However, a number of technical defects were detected in the first show, and fans questioned whether the concert was safe. More than 10,000 fans signed a petition urging concert organizers to take better care of the members.

Concert organizers Music Nation and MakerVille apologized in a statement and said they will thoroughly investigate the incident. They added, “We are deeply sorry about the accident and are very concerned about the situation of the two people injured. We will provide all necessary assistance to those hurt.”

The following is the scene of the accident at that time.

Source: wikitree

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