Park Myung-soo cried during live broadcast “I saw a picture of a father doing the funeral rites”

Park Myung-soo expressed his emotional feelings.

On KBS coolFM’s “Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show”, which aired on Nov 2nd, Park Myung-soo listened to listeners’ stories and chose songs.

On this day, one listener said, “My 8-year-old daughter asked, ‘Mom, how are you feeling today?’ The children seem to be worried about me because I’ve been looking subsided for days.”

Park Myung-soo

Park Myung-soo sighed, “I think we should act as if nothing happened to make the children laugh. Aren’t they our future?”

Park Myung-soo also said, “I think it is very meaningful to be able to say hello and see people’s faces,” and talked about the importance of people around us. “I hope this doesn’t happen again. I hope we will be a safe country for our growing children,” he shared his thoughts, which are greatly sympathized with by many listeners.

Park Myung Soo

In addition, Park Myung-soo drew attention as he looked like he was crying after listening to the chosen song. “I saw a news article. There was a picture of a father doing the funeral rites,” he said, choked up.

Park Myung-soo added, “I respectfully express my condolences to those who unfortunately lost their lives.”

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