SM confirmed that aespa is a girl group preparing to debut: emergency situation after RVV’s scandal?

 SM Entertainment confirmed that they will debut a new girl group next month called aespa.

 SM confirmed preparing for the new girl group

 At 1 a.m. on October 26 (KST), SM Entertainment’s official Twitter account retweeted two posts from a brand new Twitter account for a new project called ‘asepa’. Besides a stylish logo, SM also posted an impressive teaser ‘aespa: INTRO.

 Fans also noticed that the ‘aespa’ logo appeared at the end of SuperM’s recent MV ‘One (Monster & Infinity)’. In that scene, member Taemin held an electronic device that clearly displayed the logo of ‘aespa’ on the screen.  Also while SuperM was doing a reaction to the MV, Taemin himself said: ‘This is a big spoiler too’.

 At that time, many fans speculated that maybe SM was preparing to debut a new girl group called aespa.  However, there were also many fans who thought this could be a new project related to SuperM or NCT.

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 However, on the morning of October 26, SM Entertainment officially confirmed that aespa is the name of their new girl group and revealed that the group will make a debut in November.

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 The agency also explained that the name ‘aespa’ is derived through the words ‘avatar’, ‘experience’ and ‘aspect’, meaning ‘it is possible to experience a new world through another representative image of yourself.’ The word ‘aspect’ also means that the group has many different aspects.

 aespa will mark SM Entertainment’s first girl group debut since Red Velvet’s debut in 2014 – and the company’s first rookie group since NCT debuted in 2016.

 Currently, SM has created many social media accounts for this new girl group including Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and even Weibo.  It is expected that in the coming time, the company will continue to release teaser videos and images to promote this highly anticipated rookie girl group.

 Netizen’s reaction to aespa

 There have been rumors that SM will debut a new girl group every recent year.  However, 2020 will finally be the year that those rumors come true. Many people believe that although debuting a new girl group is a matter of time, SM’s situation is even more ‘urgent’ after the personality scandal that Red Velvet’s leader Irene recently encountered.

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 Accordingly, many people think that because it will be difficult for Red Velvet to make a comeback in such a situation, perhaps the group will have fewer activities for the time being. Therefore, this is the most appropriate time to announce a new girl group.  However, there are many opinions that SM was already preparing since the start to debut a new girl group by the end of 2020 and this announcement just accidentally ‘coincides’ with the difficult time of Red Velvet.

 SM preparing to debut a new girl group called aespa also quickly became a hot topic on forums in Korea.  Most Knetz are very excited because it has been 6 years since this company has added another girl group to their artist line-up. Many people are also beginning to predict the members’ identities, nationalities, or the concept that this girl group will pursue.

 Here are some of Knet’s comments on Theqoo about aespa:

 – I look forward to this group.

 – I don’t expect any more Chinese members.

 – I am quite curious about this girl group, it’s been a while since SM has debuted any girl groups!

 – What will be the concept they follow? Is it like NCT or SuperM? The logo looks a bit like that.

 – Wow, this is really a rookie group !!!

 – This girl group will finally be debuting!!!

 – This time is appropriate, Red Velvet is also temporarily suspending promotions.

 – It’s been 6 years already? !!!!

 – No foreign members please

 – That’s because of Irene. It’s November now and I feel it’s kind of urgent for this group to debut.

 – Well, it’s already been 6 years.  Hope this new group of SM will continue to reap success.

 – Although they may have planned it for a long time, I still think that when the group’s seniors are involved in a scandal, the group has to debut immediately.

Are you looking forward to SM’s new girl group aespa? 

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