LOONA Chuu makes fanboys’ hearts flutter with her fresh and pure look in a wedding dress

LOONA Chuu recently tried on a wedding dress and stole the hearts of fans.

On October 14th, a video titled “LOONA Chuu is getting married. The reveal of wedding pictorials and the groom” was uploaded on the Youtube channel “Chuu Can Do It”.

In the video, Chuu was really excited to know that her production team had prepared a special wedding. Then, Chuu visited a company that provides eco-friendly weddings that could help couples reduce the amount of thrown-away materials after their marriage. To minimize the wasted resources, they have wedding invitation cards printed using recycled paper and soybean oil, decorations using flower pots, and eco-friendly dresses that can be reformed to wear daily.

loona chuu
loona chuu

Upon hearing that the dress was made with hanji (traditional Korean handmade paper) and silk, Chuu was worried that the dress would get torn on rainy days. The company staff explained that if they cut hanji thinly and twist it to make it become a thread, the dress can be washed, and it would not rip off even if it is worn several times.

After that, Chuu also tried on an eco-friendly wedding dress herself. As it was her first time wearing this dress, she couldn’t hold her excitement and kept on smiling with an ‘unbelievable’ expression. Chuu showed off her innocent beauty in a pure white dress, drawing admiration from every staff there. She also expressed her feelings, “I’m shy”

loona chuu
loona chuu

Then, she tried many different kinds of wedding dresses, such as casual style one, and revealed various charms. Next, she also took a wedding pictorial shoot by wearing a suit and playing the role of the groom herself.

Let’s watch the video and see how beautiful Chuu is in wedding dresses that captivated not only men’s but also women’s hearts.

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