Jisoo’s Solo Debut Achievements and Milestones in the First 24 Hours

Jisoo of BLACKPINK Shatters Records with Solo Debut [ME] and “Flower”

On March 31, 2023, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo made her solo debut with her single album, [ME], and her title track, “Flower.” Within the first 24 hours of her debut, Jisoo made history with several achievements and records.


One of the most significant achievements was Jisoo’s album sales on Hanteo. [ME] sold 876k albums within the first 24 hours of its release, making it the highest-selling album by a female artist on Hanteo in 2023. This accomplishment proves Jisoo’s popularity and the anticipation for her solo debut.

Jisoo’s title track, “Flower,” also broke multiple records on YouTube. The music video achieved over 40 million views and 4.8 million likes within 24 hours, surpassing the goals set before the release. In fact, “Flower” became the most viewed and most liked K-pop music video on YouTube within the first 24 hours of its release in 2023. Additionally, the music video ranked third in the list of most viewed videos by a solo K-pop artist in the first 24 hours of release. The music video also trended at number one on YouTube worldwide and in 40 countries and territories, including the US, UK, South Korea, and Australia. Moreover, it was one of the top trending videos in 84 countries and territories, which is an incredible accomplishment for a debut solo artist.


Jisoo’s success wasn’t limited to YouTube as her single also achieved remarkable results on iTunes and Apple Music. “Flower” debuted at number one on the iTunes Song Worldwide chart, and Jisoo became one of the only two female solo K-pop artists to top the US iTunes chart, alongside Rosé. “Flower” also ranked first on iTunes in 60 countries and territories, including the US. Jisoo also reached the fourth position on the iTunes Song Worldwide chart with her B-side, “All Eyes on Me.” The song also reached the third position on the K-Pop Tops Song chart on Apple Music US, making Jisoo the highest-ranking female solo artist.

On Spotify, Jisoo gained over 332,002 new followers within the first 24 hours of her debut, which is the highest number of new followers for a female solo K-pop artist. This achievement is a testament to Jisoo’s popularity and the love and support she received from her fans worldwide.

In Jisoo’s home country of South Korea, “Flower” ranked third on the Bugs and MelOn digital music charts, and first on the MelOn Artists chart. The single also achieved over 1.2 million streams on MelOn within the first 24 hours of its release, while the song itself garnered 273,817 streams within the same period, making it the third most-streamed song within the first 24 hours of release in 2023. “Flower” also ranked second on the Melon Top 100 chart, which is the highest-ranking song by a solo artist released in 2023.

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